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A. General Instructions
  1. As only a limited number of oral presentations can be accepted, authors are requested to indicate whether they wish their abstract to be considered for:
    • oral presentation
    • poster presentation
  2. Abstracts must be in English and submitted on-line
  3. Notification of acceptance will be dispatched by e-mail by 5 May 2022.
  4. To allow efficient handling of the abstracts, the authors are requested to provide a topic
  5. Presenting authors whose abstracts have been accepted must register for the meeting
B. Abstract Format
  1. Abstract Format:
    • Authors: the names of the authors should be listed in the following order: Last name, First name, Department, Institution, City, Country.
    • Abstract body: the abstract body should contain maximum 400 Words.
  2. The use of tables, graphs, diagrams, images and embedded videos in the abstract submission is not allowed.
  3. Use standard abbreviations. Please explain special or unusual abbreviations the first time they appear.

Abstract submission

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