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Thursday 19 May 2022

09h00 - Session 1: The Orthopaedic profession: The human quotient.

  • When the Old Values Pop Up Again.
    On Technological Innovation and the Human Factor in Healthcare.
    Ignaas Devisch
  • The Evolving Profession
    J.N. Argenson

10h00 - Session 2: Orthopaedic Trauma: Quo Vadis?

  • The Belgian Contribution to the Development of Skeletal Trauma Care.
    William De Groote
  • A&E Department and Orthopaedics: A Forced Marriage?
    Marno Van Lieshout
  • Level I Trauma Center: Aim for Quality.
    Lieven Moke
  • Trauma Surgery: A Matter of Juniors?
    Gilles Van Eetvelde
  • Discussion

10h40 - Coffee Break

11h00 - Session 3: 3D Printing

  • The Value of 3D Printing in Orthopaedics.
    Philip Tack
  • The Past is Ready for the Future...
    Bart Berghs
  • Why and How to Set Up an In-Hospital 3D Printing Lab.
    Frederik Verstreken
  • Patient Specific Instruments in Correcting Malunion of Both Forearm Fractures: Between Myth and Necessity.
    Filip Stockmans
  • PSI Makes Me Look Cool.
    Kris Buedts
  • 3D Printing in Hip Arthroplasty.
    Thierry Scheerlinck
  • Custom 3D Implants for Bone Tumor Reconstruction.
    Thomas Schubert
  • Discussion

12h30 - Lunch

13h00 - 13h25 Industry symposium - TRB Chemedica AG (room 3rd floor)

  • Benart™, The ultimate solution in advanced Knee AO
    Mathias Schiffiers

13h30 - Session 4: Surgical Planning and Simulation

  • Equilibre Sagittal du rachis: l'expérience acquise.
    Jean-Charles Le Huec
  • Planning - Simulation - PSI in the Spine.
    Vincent Fiere
  • Surgical Planning and Simulation for Acetabulum & Pelvis Fractures.
    Michiel Herteleer
  • Surgical Simulation in the Foot and Ankle - Wet Dream or Exciting Reality?
    Arne Burssens
  • Why To Do 3D Pre-op Planning and How to Execute it in Shoulder Arthroplasty.
    Olivier Verborgt
  • Cross Pollination Between Medical Disciplines: CMF vs Orthopaedics.
    Renaat Coopman
  • The ORSI Model - Proficiency Based Training.
    Alex Mottrie
  • Value of Simulation Training and Skill Assessment in Orthopaedics.
    Thomas Luyckx
  • The Perception of the Orthopaedic Resident.
    Vansh Kapila
  • Discussion

15h35 - Coffee Break

16h00 - Session 5: What Does the Future Hold for Healthcare, the Orthopaedic Surgeons and Trainees

  • Opportunities and Challenges for Healthcare Reform.
    John Crombez
  • Medical Professionals in a Changing Health Care Landscape
    Jo Decock
  • The Future Health Reform From a Trainees Perspective: a Distant Reality?
    Jonas Brouwers
  • Why do we need a (huge) healthcare reform?
    Gilbert Bejjani
  • Discussion

17h30 - Closing of the Day

20h00 - Congress Dinner

Friday 20 May 2022

09h00 - Session 6: The Robots are Coming

  • Not all Robots are Created Equal.
    Jan Victor

Robotic Assisted Total Knee Arthroplasty - Which one I pick?

  • Velys.
    Nimrod Snir
  • Mako.
    Stefaan Van Onsem
  • Omnibot.
    Hannes Vermue
  • Rosa.
    Luc Vanlommel
    Frank Verheyden

MAKO Robotics in THA:

  • Nice to Have or Game Changer?
    Jan Myncke

Discussion - Debate

  • Wine before its time.
    Peter Verdonk
  • It is time already.
    Thomas Luyckx
  • Discussion

10h45 - Coffee Break

11h00 - Session 7: Free Paper Session - Research

  • Free paper 1 - 9.

12h15 - 12u45 - General Assembly BVOT

12h30 - Lunch

14h00 - Session 8: Future Developments

  • Digitising the Patient Care Pathway.
    Matthias Verstraete
  • The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Orthopaedic Decision Making.
    Philippe Van Overschelde
  • The smart implant (Canary).
    Peter Sculco
  • AO Fracture Monitor.
    Manuela Ernst
  • DEHST – Digitally Enhanced Hands-on Surgical Training Prototype.
    Manuela Ernst
  • Can AI and Modelling Revolutionise Foot Surgery?
    Bernhard Devos Bevernage
  • Augmented Reality for Primary and Revision Hip Arthroplasty.
    Stijn Ghijselings
  • Ponseti Clubfoot Navigator: A mobile platform web based clinical decision support app with Ponseti encoded algorithms for the treatment of clubfoot deformation.
    Renaud Rossillon
  • Discussion.
  • The Future after/next to Orthopaedics: My Future Development.
    Jan Noyez

16h15 - Closing Remarks

16h30 - Network Moment

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